Lehigh Township's Regional Traffic Safety Program

Alcohol Poisoning:

If a person is conscious and vomiting:

  • Prevent Choking
  • Prevent Drowning in toilet
  • Stay with person
  • Talk to the person

 If a person is passing out or unconscious:

  • Talk to the person and try to keep them awake.
  • If the person is lying down, roll the person on their left side to prevent choking on vomit.
  • Call 911 and prevent an overdose.

If the person is not breathing

  • Call 911 and report an alcohol overdose.
  • Check pulse-preform rescue breathing (if trained).

If the person cannot be awakened, has bluish lips, is cold, clammy and pale

  • Call 911 and report an alcohol overdose.
  • check pulse-preform rescue breathing (if trained).
  • If no pulse- preform CPR (if trained).

Remember a person with alcohol poisoning cannot sleep it off. 

Title 18 Section 6308 (f) Exemption for person seeking medial attention for another

  • The only way Law Enforcement officers became aware of the a violation of subsection (a) is because the person placed a call to 911, campus safety police or emergency services, in good faith, based upon a reasonable belief and reported that another person was in need of immediate medical attention to prevent death or serious injury.
  • The person believed he was the first to call and report it
  • The person provided his name to 911
  • The person remained on scene until emergency health care providers arrived and his assistance was no longer needed.